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If you are still a little undecided if chiropractic is actually the specialty you are looking for to assist you, or if I am even the chiropractor you’d like to consult, perhaps the fact that I have been in practice for over 30+ years and have seen in excess of 35,000 patients over that time, including 100’s of babies, thousands of elderly folk and many more thousands of everything in between, will assist you with your decision.
If you have seen a chiropractor before it would be my pleasure to meet you and to share my 30+ years of experience to assist you with your particular problem


Managing chiropractic conditions effectively requires three phases of care in order to provide the best results.
Acute Phase Care
Corrective Phase Care
Wellness Phase Care

Functional Nutrition

In order for the human body to function at its optimum it requires high nutrient dense foods across the full spectrum of the food groups, in the correct quantities, at the correct times together with pure and appropriate hydration (eSpring – Refer to Dr. Lentin for more information)

Weight Management

Obesity is one of the fastest growing diseases worldwide and is linked to virtually every form of chronic degenerative disease.

Weight management should be the no. 1 protocol that every health care practitioner focuses on as a starting point in the management of any and all presenting conditions.

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30 years as a chiropractor, clinical nutrition specialist and Functional Medicine consultant have provided me with the ideal training and experience to offer my patients a truly holistic and integrated approach to managing not only their neuro - musculo - skeletal health, but their general health and the impact their psycho - emotional state has on the general state of well being.

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Doctor - Kevin Lentin

My life has been just the most wonderful journey. I have had the privilege of being exposed to amazing ‘teachers’ that have all, in their own way, shaped my life from many different perspectives. My journey has taken me from my place of birth in Kitwe, Zambia, to Balla Balla in Zimbabwe, Durban, Cape Town, Marietta Georgia, in the USA and finally back to Cape Town. I have special memories and experiences from all of these places and consider myself so fortunate to have had such a varied and interesting life. The science, art and philosophy of chiropractic is the cornerstone of my practice. The power of the chiropractic adjustment has never ceased to amaze me, even after all these years and over 35,000 patients! In addition to my love of the philosophy and practice of chiropractic, my insatiable curiosity around human function led me into the study of Functional Medicine and the completion of my Diploma in Applied Clinical Nutrition from the Academy of Nutrition in Sydney, Australia.