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June 21, 2016
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Acute Phase (Phase I):

The first phase of care is designed to improve the motion and flexibility of the involved segments of your spine. During this phase, with improved joint mobility, there will be decreased swelling, inflammation and muscle spasm, leading to decreased pain. The frequency of care during this period is high, typically 2-3 visits a week. Regular and repetitive treatments are absolutely necessary to facilitate the healing process.

Corrective Care (Phase II):

Once joint motion of the involved spinal joints has been re-established, the frequency of care will decrease to once a week. During this time, you will be instructed on techniques that will aid in your long-term improvement. Therapeutic stretches, rehabilitative postural exercises, ergonomics, and other factors that promote the healing of supportive soft tissues (muscles, ligaments & discs) will be discussed. Common factors that lead to relapse are insufficient muscular support, repetitive daily activities and joint degeneration. These factors must be addressed to achieve correction and/or stabilization of your condition.

Wellness Care (Phase III):

Many people choose to continue benefiting from chiropractic with periodic spinal adjustments. These visits typically occur once every 4 to 6 weeks, on a maintenance and preventative basis. The goals of Wellness Care include locating minor problems before they become more serious, minimizing the arthritic changes that occur due to poor joint motion & alignment, reducing the likelihood of flare-ups in problem joints, and maximizing your quality of life by maintaining mobility as you age. In addition, I will often incorporate aspects of lifestyle management, including nutritional advice and stress management techniques to assist patients to maximise their health potential. In the world we live in today the major premise that so many of us live by is that of ‘instant gratification’. We want it, and we want it NOW. This seems to apply to so many things and aspects of our lives. I see this quite often amongst my patients too. They have been troubled with back pain for months, it gets worse so they decide that it’s now time to get it ‘fixed’ as it’s really annoying them. After the first visit there’s not much change (duh, it’s been there for months!!) and on arrival for their second visit they announce that they ‘really thought it would be much better by now’!! Healing takes time. Try to be patient, follow the instructions and advise of your chiropractor. Most episodes of even moderate back pain will take a few weeks to really heal properly and may take up to 6 – 10 visits.

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