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The No 1 Best Kept Anti Aging Secret…

Are you aging too quickly? – have you got enough of the number 1 anti aging substance in YOUR body??… Such a hot topic that even Dr Oz is talking about it!! Check out what he has to say at Dr Oz – Glutathione Glutathione Pronounced ‘Glu – ta – thigh – own’ has, of [...]

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3 Strategies to Achieve Better Health and Wellbeing (part 2)

Part 2 Body Composition, Optimal Health, ‘Good’ fat and ‘Bad’ fat  You will recall that in Part 1 (see Part 1 on my website I  discussed Body Mass Index and it’s relevance in the management of optimal health. Raised BMI correlated directly with increased risk of chronic degenerative disease. As previously eluded to, many [...]

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3 Strategies to Achieve Better Health and Wellbeing

3 Strategies to Achieve Better Health and Wellbeing Most of us are living our lives in a constant state of DIS – EASE. More often than not our bodies are    inflamed, toxic, under toned and over weight, not to mention, stressed to the max. What this means that we are actually ‘breaking down’ from [...]

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10 reasons why probiotics are good for you…

What are probiotics? (NaturalNews) Probiotics are Nature’s truest form of antibiotics. These microscopic organisms (microflora) help the body build long-lasting immunity to a host of illnesses and diseases, including allergies, irritable bowels, viruses, bacterial infections, and yes, cancer! No vaccination or prescription medicine in the world could ever come close to this safe and beneficial [...]

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Does a romantic ‘bust up’ actually affect your brain??

  Well according to an article published in Scientific American ( it surely does.     According to the article, the ‘feelings’ one experiences after a breakup, that can leave one totally  absorbed,    sometimes devastated and unable to focus on anything else, are not just ‘feelings’. These ‘changes in patterns of thoughts and behaviors’ [...]

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What is sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition commonly seen by chiropractors and although mechanical back pain is way more common, there is always a steady flow of patients with sciatica making their way into chiropractic offices. The Sciatic Nerve Sciatica essentially refers to compression of the sciatic nerve, the largest and longest nerve in the human body. The [...]

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