Functional Nutrition

In order for the human body to function at its optimum it requires high nutrient dense foods across the full spectrum of the food groups, in the correct quantities, at the correct times together with pure and appropriate hydration (eSpring – Refer to Dr. Lentin for more information) Dr Lentin uses the principles of Functional Medicine to prescribe individualized, cellular cleansing functional nutrition lifestyle programs. Typical conditions patients would present with for Functional Medicine, ‘cellular cleanse functional nutrition’ assessments include: Chronic fatigue Fibromyalgia Digestive system disorders – IBS, food intolerances, ‘leaky gut syndrome’, Liver detox Blood sugar management – hypogylcaemia, insulin resistance, Obesity (see Weight Management protocols under Services Offered) Candidiasis Hormonal dys-regualtion – PMS, menopausal syndrome, poor libido ‘Hypothyroid type’ symptoms High stress / Cortisol management Metal toxicity What to expect: 1st Consultation: Cost R650.00 + prescribed nutritional supplements as required (60 min) and will include: Detailed history (medical, dietary, social, psychological) Physical examination (blood pressure, hip : waist ratio, amphopometric assessment, weight, BMI) Kinesiology Health Assessment (health syndromes) Blood, saliva or urine test referral (if applicable) – for patients own account DNA testing referral (if applicable) – for patients own account Initial 7 day preparatory detox program 2nd consultation: Cost R375.00 + prescribed nutritional supplements (30 min) and will include: Applicable health syndrome (as determined on initial consult) treatment protocol 28 day cellular cleanse functional nutrition program OR HCG weight loss program Bio Impedance Analysis if applicable Health Syndromes as determined by kinesiological evaluation : Micro-organisms (fungi, parasites, bacteria etc) Hormonal imbalance (dominance / deficiency) Acidity / Alkalinity Emotional balance Vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid excess / deficiency Dysbiosis (digestive system disturbance) – hypo / hyperchlorhydria – ‘leaky gut’ – heliocobacter pylori Metal toxicity Stress syndromes All follow up appointments for on going assessment and management: Cost R375.00 (30 min) + prescribed nutritional supplements as required