My approach

Due to the integrated and holistic nature of my practice patients that come to see me essentially fall into 3 categories.
My Chiropractic patients
Patients are usually needing chiropractic care due to pain. I have found through years of experience that to adequately and effectively manage ‘pain syndromes’ there are three phases of care that provide the best results.

Acute Phase Care

This phase of care is designed to improve the motion and flexibility of the involved segments of your spine. During this phase, with improved joint mobility, there will be decreased swelling, inflammation and muscle spasm, leading to decreased pain. Through this phase patients are typically seen 2-3 times a week. Regular and repetitive treatments are absolutely necessary to facilitate the healing process.

Corrective Phase Care

Once joint motion of the involved spinal segments has been re-established, the frequency of care will decrease to once a week. During this time, you will be instructed on techniques that will aid in your long-term improvement. Therapeutic stretches, rehabilitative postural exercises, ergonomics, and other factors that promote the healing of supportive soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendon, connective tissue) will be discussed. Common factors that lead to relapse are insufficient muscular support, repetitive daily activities and joint degeneration. These factors must be addressed to achieve correction and/or stabilization of your condition.

Wellness Phase Care

Many people choose to continue benefiting from chiropractic with periodic spinal adjustments. These visits typically occur once every 4 to 6 weeks, on a maintenance and preventative basis. The goals of Wellness Care include locating minor problems before they become more serious,
minimizing the arthritic changes that occur due to poor joint motion and alignment, reducing the likelihood of flare-ups in problem joints, and maximizing your quality of life by maintaining mobility as you age.

My Functional Medicine Patients

Many patients come to see me to assist them with being more proactive about their health. They realize that many, if not all, of the chronic degenerative diseases (heart disease, diabetes, strokes, cancers, obesity, depression) are ‘conditions of lifestyle’ and they see the benefits of proactive management to minimize their chances of potentially being affected by chronic degenerative disease.

Some patients are simply looking for more natural ways to manage their existing problems or to boost the effectiveness of the protocols they are currently following.
Many of these patients are not really sick, they just never feel well and they are looking for integrated and natural ways to improve their ‘wellness levels’.
Any advice, suggestions or recommendations that I may offer is in no way intended to treat, manage or replace any medical diagnosis, treatment or management.
My ‘Combination’ Patients
These are patients that enjoy both chiropractic care and the opportunity to explore healthy lifestyle options.
My approach in these cases varies depending on the primary presenting condition or problem at that particular time.