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July 15, 2017
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  Now stress per se isn’t really bad for you. It’s only when the response to the   stress evokes a negative physiological response in the body that it has the potential to be bad for you. When this occurs every now an again, your body has very sophisticated, built in mechanisms to help you cope. However, when just about everything evokes a negative physiological response, so that your coping mechanisms are constantly bombarded, this is when stress can become a killer.
New research is showing that in fact it is more than possible to mange, and even totally eradicate stress from one’s life. When I hear people say things like, ‘that’s just the way I am. I have always been a stresser, or a worrier and always will be a stresser, or a worrier’ I can actually prove to them that that’s actually ‘old style thinking’, and, quite frankly, just isn’t true.
In my up coming seminar (see further information below), which is aimed at people who consider their stress levels to be  moderate to high, or who have children that are battling to cope with the high demands and stresses that seem to be part and parcel of teenage life these days, or those clinicians and therapists that manage patients and clients troubled by stress, I will present  ‘cutting edge’ information and research to show how one’s brain can be re-wired and how the stress response can be re-configured and down regulated.

Brain plasticity is a hot topic within the neuroscience communities around the world and with all the research going into this area there’s now a much greater understanding of how the human brain actually works.Old thinking was, essentially, that the adult human brain was ‘immutable, hardwired, fixed in form and function, so that by the time we reach adulthood we are pretty much stuck with what we have’.New research has clearly shown, however, that this really is not the case. The ‘old’ thinking being replaced with the realisation ‘that the adult brain retains impressive powers of “neuroplasticity”–the ability to change its structure and function in response to experience’.

Wow, this opens up an entirely new perspective around how we can ‘manage life’. It means that we are no longer doomed to having to stick with old, negative behaviour patterns causing ‘repetitive stress syndrome’ and the constant up regulation and activation of our stress responses.

It means that we CAN review our stress triggers and ‘reprogram’ centres deep within the brain to react differently to the triggers.

This is SO exciting (well, I think so anyway!!) because it that means that we are in direct control of how stress, and many other behaviours (emotional eating, for example) affect us, and more importantly, affect our health.

This is a great clip to explain a little more graphically what I’ve been talking about:

So, this is all well and good, but how can we capitalise on the brains ability to ‘re-wire’ itself?Well this is exactly what I’m going to be discussing at my presentation on the 16th July, so I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you (if you are going to be in Cape Town on the 16th) to attend.The seminar is titled:
‘Stress – eish! It’s killing me’

and I’ll be discussing many interesting topics including:Part 1

  • what is stress
  • is stress just a habit – fascinating research
  • what is neuroplasticy and how can we use it to our advantage
  • good stress vs bad stress
  • where does stress come from
  • why stress makes us sick
  • how diet affects stress
  • why stress and your gut are linked

Part 2 – Part 2 will be more practical, integrated and experiential, covering the principles of:

  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Meditation

Date: 16th July 2016
Place: Constantiaberg Medi Clinic, Burnham Rd, Plumstead
Time: 8.30am – 12
Cost: R50.00

To book your seat please call 021 7978056 ASAP or for more information please email me at
Best regards
Kevin Lentin

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