Weight Management

Obesity is one of the fastest growing diseases worldwide and is linked to virtually every form of chronic degenerative disease.
Weight management should be the no. 1 protocol that every health care practitioner focuses on as a starting point in the management of any and all presenting conditions.

Weight Management Consultation: What to expect:

1st Consultation: Cost R760.00 (60 min) + prescribed nutritional supplements and will include:

• Detailed history (medical, dietary, exercise)
• Physical examination (blood pressure, hip : waist ratio, anthropometric assessment, weight, BMI)
• Kinesiology Health Assessment (health syndromes)
• Blood, saliva or urine test referral (if applicable) – for patients own account
• DNA testing referral (if applicable) – for patients own account
• Exercise prescription as applicable

2nd Consultation: Cost R520.00 + prescribed nutritional supplements (30 min):

Weight Management Protocols offered:

10 day detox program OR
28 day cellular cleanse program OR
30 day HCG program (patients needing to lose 6 or more kgs)
on going lifestyle maintenance program
All programs include individualized diet, on going monitoring, recipes, FREE pedometer, regular email tips and support.

Skype consultations can be scheduled. Cost R500.00 / 30 min or part thereof