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About Me

My life has been the most wonderful journey.

I have had the privilege of being exposed to amazing ‘teachers’ that have all, in their own way, shaped my life from many different perspectives.
My journey has taken me from my place of birth in Kitwe, Zambia, to Balla Balla in Zimbabwe, Durban, Cape Town, Marietta Georgia, in the USA and finally back to Cape Town. I have special memories and experiences from all of these places and consider myself so fortunate to have had such a varied and interesting life.

The science, art and philosophy of chiropractic is the cornerstone of my practice. The power of the chiropractic adjustment has never ceased to amaze me, even after all these years and over 35,000 patients!

In addition to my love of the philosophy and practice of chiropractic, my insatiable curiosity around human function led me into the study of Functional Medicine and the completion of my Diploma in Applied Clinical Nutrition from the Academy of Nutrition in Sydney, Australia. My undergraduate degree in psychology, my chiropractic degree and my training in Functional Medicine has allowed me to focus my practice on a more integrated approach to health and wellness, incorporating skills in the neuro – musculo – skeletal, functional nutrition and psycho-emotional realms to offer patients an holistic approach to health care.
Why did I choose to become a Chiropractor?

Patients have so often asked me why I chose to become a chiropractor, so thought I’d share my story for you here.
When I was 8 years old a dear friend of mind passed away as a result of falling into a diabetic coma and I clearly remember saying to my Dad, “when I grow up I want to be a doctor so that I can save people like Arthur from dying”.

I guess that was when my mind was made up that my working career would always revolve around health and wellness in some way, shape or form.
I completed my schooling in Zimbabwe (too long ago to remember when!) and in those days career guidance wasn’t something that one’s parents really considered, or had access to. As a result my subject choices for ‘A’ level didn’t include the physics and chemistry that were then required for entrance into medical school.

Actually, to be honest, by the time I finished school I really wasn’t relishing the thought of another 7 years at university anyway, so I wasn’t that disappointed! My Dad was adamant, though, that I went to ‘varsity, so I enrolled for a Bachelor of Social Science degree, to major in psychology.

During my university days at Natal University in Durban I realized that my desire to be involved in medicine in some way was still very high on my priority list. I joined the Red Cross Society and worked at King Edward Hospital in Durban doing paramedic and trauma work and thoroughly enjoyed it.

On graduating, once again the thought of applying to get into medicine and to study for many more years didn’t sound that appealing!! I therefore applied for a job in the retail world and that’s where I stayed for the next 6 years.

Before starting my degree I had met Dr Roy McCallum, a chiropractor in Cape Town, and had a few chiropractic adjustments from him. The company I joined after completing my degree eventually transferred me from Durban to Cape Town and once here, I became a regular patient of Dr Roy’s, more because I really felt great after my adjustments, than because I had a particular problem.

Dr Roy would spend time explaining the difference between wellness (the chiropractic philosophy) and sickness (the medical philosophy) to me, and it really made so much sense. The idea of keeping people healthy rather than waiting for the symptoms to appear and then suppressing them seemed way more logical.

So, after 6 years I made the decision to move to America to study chiropractic and what a great decision that was!

So, for the past 30+ years I’ve had the best of all worlds. I get to make such a difference in people’s lives by helping them stay healthy and empowering them with information about structural, nutritional and psycho-emotional health. The chiropractic training is very medical for the first few years so my desire to ‘understand the body’ was more than fulfilled.

What a privilege it’s been over all these years to have literally treated thousands of patients and to have so many loyal patients that have been with me for years.

I look forward to the opportunity of having you become a part of my practice and to assist you as best I can.

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